Terms and Conditions

The text of this agreement is a public offer. By taking part in an Elbrus climb or in a tour to Elbrus or in an Elbrus hike, you agree to exemption from liability of the Supplier. By paying the booking fee on the elbrus.guide website, you agree to the processing of personal data.

Please read carefully the following:

1. Privacy Policy
2. Exemption of Liability of the Supplier
3. Booking, Contacts and Requisites
4. Payment in Cash
5. Payment by Card
6. Program Cancellation and Refund Policy
7. Price
8. Discounts
9. Lead guide
10. Weather and Equipment
11. Public offer
Privacy Policy
Personal information for booking
For the purposes of booking we require the following personal information:
- Last name
- First name
- age and weight
- phone number
- e-mail address
- information included in identity document

Why do we need your personal information?
Last name and first name, phone number and e-mail are collected solely for the purposes of communication with the expedition coordinator.
Age and weight are collected for assessment of physical fitness of the climb or hike participant.
Information included in the identity document is collected for coordination with an insurance company or authorities in the case of an insurance claim or emergency.
Bank card data are collected solely for payment purposes.

Important: elbrus.guide website does not collect or copy bank card data. Redirection to the payment gateway of Sberbank is carried out within the framework of Internet acquiring services based on our agreement with the bank.

Withdrawal of Consent for Collection and Processing of Personal Data
You can withdraw your consent for collection and processing of personal data by sending a letter with the request to elbrus@elbrus.guide
The letter should indicate your first and last name and phone number. Upon receiving the letter all your personal data will be deleted from the club base.

Personal information for payment
During the payment process at the Sberbank payment gateway, you need to fill in your bank card number, your first and last name (as on the card), the bank card expiry date and the CVC code.

Personal Data Protection
All personal information related to the tour booking is registered in the CRM system of the Time of Adventures travel club (the elbrus.guide web site owner) and stored in the database of IT-Patrol web host service provider.
The confidentiality of the disclosed personal information about the bank card data is ensured by Sberbank according to Russian Federation legislation.

Personal Data Transfer Process
For the payment process (entering your card details) you will be redirected to the payment gateway of Sberbank. Connection to the payment gateway and information transfer are carried out in secure mode under SSL protocol. If your bank supports secure Internet payments, such as Verified By Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, then you may also be required to enter a special password (SMS) to make a payment. Sberbank web site supports 256-bit AES encryption.
Bank card payments are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the world payment systems Visa int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.

Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties
elbrus.guide web site does not transfer personal information to third parties.

elbrus.guide web site administrator
Ph: + 7 921 435 9457
e-mail: elbrus@elbrus.guide
Exemption of Liability of the Supplier
Elbrus climbs, Elbrus hikes and Elbrus tours are unique experiences and you acknowledge and agree to the following:
- these are sporting events that require particular physical activity;
- there is a minimal risk of physical damage on Elbrus;
- there is a minimal risk of fatal injury during an Elbrus climb, hike or tour;
- your personal injuries are at your own risk.

You confirm that you are over 18 years of age and are fully responsible. You also confirm that you are liable for the children you accompany aged 12 to 18 years (if one is taking part in a climb, hike or tour). You acknowledge all the risks associated with the activity in the mountains. You waive prosecution of the Supplier. You confirm that you do not have any medical conditions that increase your risk of injury under conditions of physical activity or high altitudes of more than 3000 metres. You acknowledge and agree that Elbrus climbing presents a certain hazard and mountaineering at high altitudes of more than 3000 metres carries a risk of accidents, including injuries, altitude sickness and death.

These risks and hazards may be caused by:
-Your personal negligence;
-Your inadequate physical fitness;
-foreseeable or unforeseeable acts of God;

You are informed that during climbing, trekking or touring you shall implicitly obey the orders of the group lead guide. You agree that you have adequate medical insurance to cover emergency medical or any other care or that you are ready to reimburse for the expenses in case of emergency. You shall listen carefully to Safety Briefing carried out by the lead guide before climbing.
Booking, Contacts and Requisites
Please do not transfer money to the requisites on your own. Booking and payment are only possible via filling out the form on the website.

The payment recipient:
INN 262800430610
OGRNIP (Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor) 321265100137368
a/c 40802810160100081620 in the STAVROPOLSKOE OTDELENIE N5230 PAO SBERBANK of Russia

+ 7 921 435 9457,
Payment in Cash
Participation in an expedition is only guaranteed by advance deposit (200 euro) which is only possible via internet-acquiring. Last payment we accept cash, after arrival
Payment by Card
Payment is carried out at the Sberbank payment gateway based on the Internet acquiring services agreement. Your issuing bank may require entering a one-time password received by SMS.

We accept VISA and MasterCard.
Program Cancellation and Refund Policy
Cancellation on the initiative of the Supplier is only possible due to the actions of local authorities or force majeure. In this case, the expedition is postponed to another date in agreement with each member of the group.

Refunds are transferred to the bank account of the payer.

Should you wish or need to cancel the expedition the following charges will apply:

- 365-45 days before the start of the expedition – 20% of deposit, mandatory minimum 90€ for operating expenses, tax fees and bank payment services;
- 44-30 days before the start of the expedition – 50% of deposit;
- 29-15 days before the start of the expedition – 70% of deposit;
- less than 15 days before the start of the expedition – 100% of deposit.

Payment is not reimbursed in the following cases:
- failure to appear at the time of departure
- refusal to participate during the expedition
- exclusion from the group upon the decision of the lead guide
- absence or irregularity of personal documents (passport, visa)
- loss of travel documents;
- changes to individual program elements by the participant (sightseeing tours, transfers, accommodation) which caused additional expenses on the part of the participant.

Date postponement is possible on the initiative of the participant. In this case the following charges will apply:
- 180 days or more before the start of the expedition - no losses;
- 179 - 30 days upon purchase of a tour in "Early Booking" promotion - no losses;
- 179 - 30 days before the start of the expedition - 30% of deposit;
- 29 days or less before the start of the expedition - 70% of deposit.

Should the participant wish or need to cancel the expedition less than 30 days before the start of the expedition it will be possible to change the participant to another one without loss.

The expedition can be canceled on the initiative of the Supplier:
- due to the actions of local authorities
- due to participant shortage
In this case, the expedition is postponed without loss to another date in agreement with each member of the group.

The participant can refuse to take part in the expedition with a full deposit refund in the following cases:
- increase in the total trip cost above the amount specified in the signed Addendum
- changes in the time and duration of travel on the initiative of the Supplier without prior consent of the participant and not related to force majeure.
The price for the expedition is stated on the elbrus.guide website in Russian rubles. The price includes all taxes, meals and accommodation in accordance with the program, equipment and guides.
1. Early booking discount is fixed at the beginning of the year, the information is published on the elbrus.guide website
2. Special price for groups (4 people minimum) is provided on request.
Lead guide
The lead guide is a full-fledged and senior leader of the climb, hike or tour. Lead guide responsibilities:
- to lead the group safely along the specified route
- to complete all elements of the expedition program
- to provide meals and accommodation for the group according to the program
- to teach each participant all necessary knowledge and skills
- to monitor the health and morale of all group members
- to provide assistance as necessary

The lead guide is authorized to change the acclimatization schedule, time of the climb and other program elements based on the weather conditions, physical state of the group and decisions of the local authorities, police and Emergency Ministry.

For security reasons, the lead guide has the authority to bar the participant from climbing in the following cases:
- doubts about physical fitness
- individuals under the influence of alcohol
- inappropriate or aggressive behaviour
Weather and Equipment
All participants are provided with individual safety leashes, carabiners, ice axes, ice screws and helmets.

Trekking poles, down jackets, sleeping bags, crampons and mountaineering boots are personally owned equipment or can be rented.

The weather in the mountains can change quickly and unpredictably. You shall listen to all orders of the lead guide carefully and follow them unquestioningly. Based on the weather forecast and personal experience the lead guide has the right to change the program, as well as cancel the climb.
Public offer
The information on the website is a public offer. By paying for the expedition you agree to the previously mentioned terms of the offer.

The current version of the Terms and Conditions was published September 21, 2017
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