Climb to Mount Elbrus South Route


Восхождение на вершину
Эльбруса с юга

Это самое комфортное, самое дорогое и самое доступное восхождение на Эльбрус. 90% наших участников восходят на западную вершину Эльбруса (5642м) - потому что верно выбрали свой маршрут!
Посмотрите видео о различии восхождений "с Юга" и "с Севера"
Палаток - НЕТ
Качественный отдых в 2/3-х местных номерах в Терсколе и обогреваемом приюте на 3900м (по 4 человека в комнате)
Рюкзаков - НЕТ
Идем налегке, только личный рюкзак 40л! Вещи и продукты поднимаем к приюту на горнолыжном подъемнике
Группы по 10-12 человек
Душевная атмосфера и обучение основам альпинизма в малых группах и страховка опытными гидами
Грамотная акклиматизация
После выхода на 4100м мы отдыхаем и ночуем внизу, в Терсколе - в этом секрет хорошего самочувствия на штурме!
Полноценное питание
Мы питаемся в кафе Терскола и не экономим на продуктах в горном приюте: сытные завтраки, мясо и овощи на ужин
Простота и надежность
Горнолыжный подъемник экономит силы. Плавная акклиматизация уберегает от горной болезни. Снегоходы и ратраки гарантируют быструю эвакуацию
Чек-лист восходителя
Получите точный список одежды, обуви, аптечки и снаряжения для подготовки к восхождению на Эльбрус с Юга

Pricing Info
Mt. Elbrus South Route

Порядок оплаты: мы заключаем Договор и выставляем счет на предоплату 10000 руб - это гарантия Вашего места в группе. Вторую часть необходимо внести за 45 дней до старта. Все платежи производятся банковской картой, официально на расчетный счет

Консультация о восхождении на Эльбрус с юга

Вы новичок и у Вас много вопросов об Эльбрусе с юга - запросите личную консультацию от гидов! Профессионально ответим на вопросы.
Convenient logistics of your vacation! The program always start on WEDNESDAYS and ends on SATURDAYS

Climb to Mount
Elbrus South Route

Day 1, Wednesday
Pick-up at Mineralnye Vody airport (MRV). Group meeting point: Zelenaya hotel, Sobornaya Str. 20, Pyatigorsk
Day 2, Thursday
Travel to Terskol. Slow ascent to Ai cafe
Day 3, Friday
Acclimatization at the Observatory
Day 4, Saturday
The first serious altitude challenge. It's a training day of walking in rope teams and in crampons
Day 5, Sunday
A ski-lift ride to Garabashi mountain huts, rest
Day 6, Monday
Acclimatization hike to "kosaya polka"
Day 7, Tuesday
Rest day. A good night's rest is necessary before the summit day
Day 8, Wednesday
First summit attempt
Day 9, Thursday
Second attempt / travel to Pyatigorsk
Day 10, Friday
The final day. Free time in Pyatigorsk and dinner at a restaurant
Day 11, Saturday
Flights home

Frequently asked questions
about Mt. Elbrus South Route
Do you work legally?
Yes. We operate under a contract on behalf of "sole proprietor Dmitry Klimenko" - this is one of the lead guides.
Do you assist in getting a Russian visa?
Yes. We provide all necessary documents.
How do I pay?
You transfer a prepayment of €150 via a bank in advance. You can pay the rest in cash upon arrival in Pyatigorsk.
Insured event - what are the guide's actions?
If an insured event occurs (injury, falling own, acute mountain sickness attack), the lead guide stops the group, evaluates the situation and makes a decision on emergency evacuation or planned descent accompanied by an assistant guide.
After making the decision the lead guide
- calls the insurance company and reports the surname, name, date of birth and country of residence of the injured participant
- calls the Rescue Service and follows their instructions
- If necessary, immobilizes the injured participant on the slope or starts an immediate descent accompanied by a second assistant guide

As a rule, the remaining group continues the climb
Hygiene on Mount Elbrus. Will there be a shower and what about the toilet?
You can take a hot shower in Terskol at the camping site or in the hotel.
There is no shower at the high camp at 3900m. Outhouse style toilet. Its cleanliness depends on the tidiness of each participant. Once a day an employee of the mountain refuge cleans the toilet.
How much will the backpack weigh and what will I carry?
For the South route you will need a climbing backpack (35-45 litres). As a rule, the backpack contains: down jacket, gloves, a flashlight, camera, snack and a thermos of tea. The weight of this backpack does not exceed 6-8 kg.
A ski lift is used to get to the high camp. So it is better to pack your other personal belongings (gear, sleeping bag, bed linens) in a duffel bag. A large backpack (80-100 litres) will also do.
Food and cooking equipment are also stowed separately - usually they are carried by several people.
What and how are we going to eat?
Breakfasts are included in the price. Snacks are a personal choice; a lot of "goodies" can be bought in the market in Pyatigorsk (cheese, sausages, dried fruit).
We have dinner at a cafe in Terskol. The diversity and quality of Caucasian cuisine are worth a try!
Full board at the high camp at 3900m is included in the price. Cooking is the responsibility of the participants on duty - by turn under the supervision of the lead guide. When purchasing groceries personal preferences are taken into account. You should inform the coordinator about your food preferences when booking a tour (lactose intolerance, vegetarianism, etc.)
What is the best season for climbing Elbrus?
Summer months. In the past 3 years the weather was stable the first two weeks of September.
The climbs in the beginning of May tend to be successful. However, one should always remember that the weather forecast is a lottery.
I have never been in the mountains. Will I be able to climb?
Yes, you will. But it will be very hard. Personal motivation, a healthy lifestyle and physical stamina are the basis of a successful Elbrus climb.

This can be a great starting point for the journey into the world of high-altitude mountain climbing!
What are the age restrictions for climbing Elbrus?
We do not take children under 14 years old into the mountains.
Participation at the age of 60 or above is considered on an individual basis - the coordinator, makes the decision based on the answers to a number of questions.
Smooth acclimatization is a guarantee for success. That's why our Elbrus climb lasts 11 days and we have 2 attempts to reach the West summit
восхождение на эльбрус с юга восхождение на эльбрус с юга 2019 подъем на эльбрус с юга маршрут восхождения на эльбрус с юга тур восхождение на эльбрус с юга восхождение на эльбрус цена 2019 с юга эльбрус восхождение для новичков

Our Guides
Dmitri Klimenko
Age: 31 y.o.
Climbing experience: Elbrus, Kazbek, 3 Tibetan expeditions to Kailash, 5 Himalayan climbs to Island Peak, Mera Peak and Lobuche Peak, the mountainous part of Norway and trekking at Mount Everest, Annapurna and Langtanga (the Himalayas) Preferences: slow ascent with gradual group acclimatization
Ilya Chuikov
Lead guide, South of Mount Elbrus and Kazbek
Organizes a journey to the smallest detail, prepares every participant and maintains a spirit of adventure! More than 12 years of mountain climbing experience. Instructor training, safety in the mountains training, avalanche safety, psychology of mountaineering and First Aid in the mountains. Age: 24 y.o. Mountains: Caucasus from end to end.
Georgiy Fokin
Guide, Elbrus South
To the high mountains and to the untouched champagne powder snow - to Zhora! More than 40 successful Elbrus climbs, 11 years of professional mountain skiing. Prize-winner of the Russian alpine ski Championship. Ski instructor, lifeguard and your reliable companion on the climbs!
Age: 24 y.o.
Mountains: Elbrus
Denis Alimov
Age: 46 y.o. Climbing experience: Mount Elbrus, the Himalayas since 2006, mountain trekking and climbing in Nepal, circling around Kailash in Tibet 5 times, has been to the foot of Mount Everest more than 10 times and led the groups to the Himalayan 6000-high giants, including Island Peak, Mera Peak and Lobuche Peak 7 times Preferences: creating a friendly environment for an unforgettable journey.
Отзывы о восхождении
на Эльбрус с юга
5 642 metres

The height of the Elbrus West summit
3 000 people

Climb Elbrus via South route every year (unofficial figure)
1 842 metres

Difference in elevation between the Garabashi huts and the summit
Honestly, I don't remember being afraid in the mountains. On the contrary, I feel like a bird spreading its wings before flying.
— Anatoly Bukreev
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